The Glides are in the studio finishing up their first EP, “The Glides (Self Titled)”. They are cutting their new EP at Full Well Recording Studio with the team of Mike Bolenbach and Kolby Peoples.

At mission control tracking “Lullaby”, June 18th.

glides studio lullaby

Travis on the mic at Full Well Recording Studio, May 1st. Getting the “The Glides (Self Titled” EP ready for the summer west coast tour.

travis studio

The Glides were back in the studio working on bass tracks, May 20th, before heading out today east Mesa for a show at Rock N Ronnies.

bass tacks studio


Mark at Full Well Recording Studio June 16th. Looking suave and debonair with the fedora!

mark fedora

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  1. Julie Swoboda Stixx

    I see no place to order the EP from any Glides site or social media page. Imagine the sales if the CD were more easily available… 🙂 <3

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