Rikki Stixx Fast Facts

Name – Rikki Stixx

Nickname –  “Stixx”

Instrument – Drums

Birthday – July 30

Hometown – Phoenix, AZ

Favorite Band/Artist(s) – Soundgarden and Tool

Favorite Song(s) –  Jesus Christ Pose, The Ocean

Biggest Musical Influences –  That could be anything I have listened to my whole life. Yes, including Perry Como

Favorite Song To Play At Shows – One Time or Good to be a Glide

Other Instrument(s) Played – A little bit of piano, bass and guitar

Favorite Drink – vodka/cola or a Black IPA

Favorite Sports Team(s) – Arizona Diamondbacks

Personal Quote/ Motto – “The Golden Rule”

Favorite Memory With The Glides – This year’s Summer Tour was amazing!

rikki cali filterrikki cali filterRikki Stixx is the man behind the design of The Glides Logo

About Rikki Stixx

Rikki Stixx, is a self taught, native Phoenician drummer, who comes from a family of musicians. His sisters both played piano and his father played saxophone. During his years in Philadelphia he would participate in the annual Mummers Day Parade. His dad also played in different musical acts during his early years in Phoenix.

I originally commandeered my brother’s snare drum around age 9. I pieced together my first drum set around 7th grade. Keep in mind, there was no Craigslist nor EBay so this was a search of the local newspaper and local music stores. I built the baddest, blue-sparkle, red-sparkle, imitation-gold and white drum set around. I’m kidding. It was hideous, but it was mine. As for what inspired me to begin, it could have been my sisters. But I am going to say AC/DC and Ozzy made me do it. (Perhaps Satan?) The songs on “Back in Black” and “Diary of a Madman” were some of the first I learned.


With his roots in 80’s punk, Rikki played in a few bands in the Phoenix area. Gigs were mostly at The Big Fish Pub, the Emerald Lounge, or the occasional house party. He doesn’t play with the blazing punk rock speed that he once did. He really writes more to the music now.

As for influences on his playing he would have to note everyone he has listened to in his life. This would be everything from the Bing Crosby’s Christmas album his dad would play around the holidays, his sister’s Journey and Pat Benatar albums to his more recently purchased Soundgarden CD. Yes, Rikki Stixx still buys CDs.

“Yes, Rikki Stixx still buys CDs.”

A lifelong skateboarder, up until around 2010, Rikki has had the pleasure of skating with Mark Gonzalez, Tommy, and Nicky Guerrero, and even Tony Hawk. His claim to fame was vert skateboarding in the Vans Warped Tour for 3 years. He even came in 7th place. (out of 7 skaters).

A self described outgoing introvert, Rikki can be jumping around a dive bar dancing to an unfamiliar song or just taking in others actions while keeping to himself. His smile keeps him approachable but he has a solid poker face. You will find him shaking hands after shows and being so thankful to the people who came out to see the show. Rikki Stixx loves to play and really feeds off the audience.

Rikki’s Music Picks

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones – I’m leaning toward The Beatles. Both band’s mid to late 60’s stuff was incredible.

Led Zeppelin or The Who – Zeppelin. The Who have some great ones. I’d just rather listen to Zeppelin.

Pink Floyd or The Doors – Neither

Elvis or The Beach Boys – Elvis

Metallica or Guns and Roses – Metallica, until G ‘n’ R came along.

Lynyrd Skynyrd or Creedence Clearwater Revival – Nope

Aerosmith or The Eagles – Aerosmith. I have most of their stuff on tape. (Until about 1990) Long time fan.

Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin – Hendrix

Stone Temple Pilots or Soundgarden – Soundgarden, duh.

The Killers or The Kings of Leon – No thanks.

Billy Joel or Elton John – Billy Joel

Green Day or Weezer – Green Day

Dead Kennedys or The Ramones – Depends on my mood.

Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen – Neither

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