Mark Harrison Fast Facts

Instrument – Lead Guitar

Nickname – “Handsome Boy”

Birthday – November 23

Hometown – Phoenix

Favorite Band/Artist(s) – Guns N Roses

Favorite Song(s) – It’s So Easy – Guns N Roses

Biggest Musical Influences – Chuck Hulihan, Frank Koonce, Pete Pancrazi

Favorite Song To Play At Shows – Slide – Get Some

Other Instrument(s) Played – Piano

Favorite Drink – Vodka on the Rocks, Iced Tea, Anything but Fireball

Favorite Sports Team(s) – Phoenix Suns

Personal Quote/ Motto – GBY

Favorite Memory With The Glides – Playing the Rhythm Room with the Bex Marshall band.

mark bio califiltermark bio califilterAt ASU Mark learned and played music by Johan Sebastian Bach

About Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison is a classically trained guitar player from Phoenix, Arizona. Harrison is fluent in both acoustic and electric playing styles, and has a degree in guitar from Arizona State University studying under Frank Koonce. Harrison has also studied with Chuck Hulihan of Glendale Community College and Pete Pancrazi of Mesa Community College.

My grandfather was a guitar strummer and was an inspiration for me growing up. I still have his collection of old Mel Bay guitar lesson books. At the same time, my father was a huge blues and ‘60’s and ‘70’s classic rock fan who was always trying to steer me away from the cheesy pop tunes of the time that I was into. I always wanted to learn and finally decided to try when some other friends were learning Led Zeppelin, Boston, and Jane’s Addiction songs on acoustic guitar. I didn’t really start to improve until seeking instruction from my local community college. It was there that I began to study music fundamentals, something I had never really done earlier in my childhood. From that experience on, I was all in for guitar.”

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Before joining The Glides, Harrison was best known as the front man for the punk rock cover band, The Downtown Dramatics. The Dramatics maintained a loyal cult following on the Phoenix bar and pub scene in the late 2000’s. He also joined the band DeSade in 2014 to have an opportunity to open up for Doyle Von Frankenstein, Rikk Agnew, Michale Graves, and Christian Death.

Looking for an opportunity to create original music, Harrison joined The Glides in 2015. He blends a combination of licks and progressions that create a sound that is truly one of a kind.

He blends a combination of licks and progressionsthat create a sound that is truly one of a kind.

When he steps away from the six string, Mark Harrison is a fan of football and basketball and enjoys rooting for his hometown teams, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Phoenix Suns.

A big fan of the Phoenix local music scene, Harrison can often be found checking out other bands around the Valley of the Sun on The Glides nights off. His favorite local acts are Dephinger, Hogjaw, The Early Grabs, and Reason Unknown.

Recently, Mark has taken to gliding through the skies of Arizona in a Cessna 172 aircraft. Mark is currently a student pilot, and has been working toward getting his pilot’s license since January 2017.

Mark’s Music Picks

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones – The Beatles

Led Zeppelin or The Who – Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd or The Doors – The Doors

Elvis or The Beach Boys – Elvis

Metallica or Guns and Roses – Guns N Roses

Lynyrd Skynyrd or Creedence Clearwater Revival – CCR

Aerosmith or The Eagles – Aerosmith

Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin – Jimi Hendrix

Stone Temple Pilots or Soundgarden – Stone Temple Pilots

The Killers or The Kings of Leon – The Killers

Billy Joel or Elton John – Elton John

Green Day or Weezer – Weezer

Dead Kennedys or The Ramones – Dead Kennedy’s

Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen – Bob Dylan

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