Paul Perron Fast Facts

Instrument – Bass

Nickname – “Pauly”

Birthday – August 2

Hometown – Issaquah, WA

Favorite Band/Artist(s) – going to have to go with Cage the Elephant as those are the last three LP’s I’ve purchased, or Led Zeppelin for time served as first fav.

Favorite Song(s) – at the moment “I’m the one” by DJ Khaled. That such a great song to try and sing along to! Or maybe Stairway to Heaven cause it was just the greatest rock song ever written

Biggest Musical Influences –  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maiden, or and just about any Funk or disco song with a sick Bassline.

Favorite Song To Play At Shows – oh that’s got to be one time! Bassist gets to bring it!

Other Instrument(s) Played – ukulele, slide guitar, a little keyboards now and then. Not kidding about that little part either it’s a microKORG.

Favorite Drink – The Dude Abides with a White Russian

Favorite Sports Team(s) – Arizona Cardinals and Seattle SuperSonics

Personal Quote/ Motto – Get it, Get it! Would be my own. I should probably have quoted Aristotle or Lao Tzu, but I prefer to live for the moment!

The Dude abides with a White Russian

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About Paul Perron

Paul Perron is a bassist and songwriter, originally from Seattle, Washington. Paul grew up in the small town of Issaquah, Washington, just 25 miles east of Seattle. As he got older he started spending more and more time around the city’s bustling music scene, and joined a number different rock bands in the area throughout the 90’s.

“What inspired me to pick up guitar when I was 13 is probably the same thing that inspires every 13-year-old boy, and that’s girls. I probably would’ve gone straight to bass, except growing up rural where I lived nobody else played music and guitar is much easier to play when you’re by yourself than bass.”

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In spite of coming from a place where Grunge Music is the undisputed king, Paul has always gravitated more towards dance oriented grooves. Paul relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in the early 2000’s hoping to find a fresh wave of music.

Paul’s background in dance and disco style music has a major influence on the signature sound and rhythm of his original bass compositions. Paul’s writing is a driving force behind The Glides alternative, retro, grooves sound. The Glides are old school in that that each member of the band writes his own parts. Most of their jams have originated from a Paul Perron bass line.

“Paul Perron is the most prolific songwriter I have ever had the pleasure of knowing,” says Travis Kenny, and as he says at each every show, “Pauly brings the thunder each and every night!”

“I met Travis when he was opening for one of the band’s I was in, Big Scotty and The D-bags. Big Scotty is the inspiration for the song “Sticks and “Stems”. Was actually just looking at the last flyer from the last big Scotty show with Travis opening. That was the night the D-bags broke up, 5 months later Travis calls and The Glides are formed.”

Paul’s Music Picks

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones – The Beatles

Led Zeppelin or The Who – Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd or The Doors – The Doors

Elvis or The Beach Boys – Elvis

Metallica or Guns and Roses – Metallica

Lynyrd Skynyrd or Creedence Clearwater Revival – Skynard

Aerosmith or The Eagles – Aerosmith

Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin – Jimi Hendrix

Stone Temple Pilots or Soundgarden – Soundgarden

The Killers or The Kings of Leon – The Killers

Billy Joel or Elton John – Elton John

Green Day or Weezer – Green Day

Dead Kennedys or The Ramones – Ramones

Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen – Bruce

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