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The Glides EP

Band :
Title : The Glides
Release Date : October 15, 2016
Format : CD
  1. One Time
  2. Blo Diddley
  3. Lullaby
  4. In the Night

The Glides (Self Titled) EP

“The Glides have been on my radar for most of the year, and when they released “In The Night” about a month ago, the song completely got my attention. It’s an interesting combination of blues rock and grunge that recalls the vibe that I dug about Seattle band Mother Love Bone. It has a touch of metal dressing here and there, most noticeably in the vocals that occasionally sport an occasional Ozzy fixation. Near the two-minute mark, these guys go into this drum solo, immediately followed by a guitar solo, and it kills me every listen. I have no idea why. The results are pretty clear from “In The Night” that they can rock with some of the best in this town, and I hope to see them doing exactly that after the release of their debut record.”Mitchell Hillman – Phoenix New Times Music

“One Time (Ms. Gadway)’ by The Glides Amazing energy with fun sticky lyrics that get you out on the dance floor.” – Jacqueline Jax – AVA Live Radio