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The Ballad Of Big Scotty

Band :
Title : The Ballad Of Big Scotty
Release Date : August 3, 2018
Label :
Catalog ref. : QZDA71838092
Format : Digital Download
  1. The Ballad Of Big Scotty

Ed Masley, Arizona Republic

What is alternative retro groove? It’s how the Glides describe their sound.

And the retro groove in that equation should be obvious to anyone who’s seen their latest video, “The Ballad of Big Scotty,” which isn’t a ballad at all if what you mean by ballad is a sentimental slow jam.

But it does tell the tale of Big Scotty (oh, that kind of ballad) over a horn-driven funk groove that’s blessed with an opening riff that swaggers like the Black Crowes covering a different Otis Redding song and a lyrical shout-out to “Theme from Shaft.”

The Ballad Of Big Scotty Music Video