Oh sing me to sleep tonight,
Please ease my burden,
Console my troubled mind ,

Starry sky,
Oh with your lights all,
Lights all, shining bright
Lead me to tomorrow,
Where everything, will be alright,

Diamond eyes,
How you fill me, with delight,
I want you, I need you,
To sparkle for me, one more time,

Stormy skies,
Oh how we used to, run and hide,
Lost in each other,
But somehow, so far apart,

Sunny skies,
Oh how you, warm me deep inside,
Lord give me reason,
A purpose, and desire,

Island smile,
Oh please,
Stay with me a while,
Just hold me and heal me,
Please me, love me,
Again tonight,

Come on and hold me, come on heal me,
Please love me, tonight,
Oh now hold me and heal me,
Love me again, tonight